From the day of invention of Electricity, the distribution of Electric Power from the generation section to the end users through different stations are being world widely carried out. Different types of components are being used at different stages for the purpose of Generation, transmission, distribution and protection. In the conventional mode of Power system analysis, the calculations & the system analysis and modelling were done manually in which the overall efficiency was not achieved properly. ETAP is Electrical Power System Analysis & operation software which offers a power system modelling, analysis, simulation, monitoring, control and optimization can be carried continuously till the operation in all stages of a Power system life cycle. Electrical engineering jobs involve designing, developing, testing, and supervising the manufacturing of electrical equipment, systems and components. So, in today’s scenario with the knowledge in this widely used tool an Electrical Engineer can easily grab a spot for him in this automotive world.

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Course Content

Course Content

  • Electrical System Design
  • Basic design philosophy
  • Structure of Electrical power system
  • Sources of electrical energy
  • Elements of power system
  • Generation-Transmission and Distribution
  • Basic principle of power system
  • Introduction to power substation
  • Types of substation based on the purpose
  • Substation layout
  • Introduction to single line diagram
  • Constructing a single line diagram
  • Single line diagram examples
  • Single Line Diagram of 11KV/400V Substation
  • Single Line Diagram of 66KV/11KV Substation
  • Single Line Diagram of 33KV/11KV Substation
  • AC and DC calculation
  • Introduction to ETAP
  • Working with ETAP software:
  • Starting ETAP software
  • Creating a new project
  • Changing the project standard
  • File management
  • Exploring DUI
  • Toolbar description:
  • Project toolbar/Theme toolbar
  • System toolbar/Mode toolbar
  • Base & Revision toolbar
  • Inserting circuit elements
  • Creating single line diagram in ETAP
  • Editing a one-line diagram
  • Modules in ETAP:
  • Load flow analysis
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Circuit breaker calculation
  • Motor acceleration
  • Transformer sizing
  • Cable sizing
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Relay co-ordination
  • Arc flash analysis
  • Battery sizing
  • Solar analysis
  • Contingency analysis
  • Designing a SLD for various modules with ETAP software

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