Variable frequency drive (VFD) usage has increased dramatically in Conveyor, Drilling, HVAC and many other applications. The VFDs are now commonly applied to air handlers, pumps, chillers and tower fans and conveyor motors. A better understanding of VFDs will lead to improved application and selection of both equipment and other systems. This course is intended to provide a basic understanding of common VFD terms, VFD operation, and VFD benefits.

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Course Content

Course Content

  • Introduction to VFD driver
  • Motor controlling method
  • Parameters:
  • Voltage/Current
  • Power
  • Frequency
  • Ramp up time
  • Ramp down time
  • Motor protection
  • Working with VFD
  • Wire connection between PLC and VFD
  • Manual control and auto control method for motor
  • To develop the ladder logic program for motor controlling
  • To develop the FBD for motor controlling
  • To develop the SCADA screen for motor controlling

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